Journal of Baltic Science Education

/ISSN 1648-3898/

2003, No. 2 (4)

Title and author (s)


Dear Readers and Writers!

Eco-team Formation in Latvia and Their Role in Environmental Education 5 - 11

Aira Bartuseviča, Dagnija Cçdere

Development of Logical Thinking in Science Subjects Teaching 12 - 20

Věra Číţková, Hana Čtrnáctová

Science Education in Norway. Countdown to the next reform 21 - 27

Peter van Marion

General Physics at the Upper Secondary Education Level 28 - 37

Andris Broks

Education of Science Teachers – Some Remarks from the Polish Perspective 38 - 48

Ryszard M. Janiuk

Increasing the Relevance of Science Education – Student Preferences for Different Types of Teaching Scenarios 49 - 61

Moonika Teppo, Miia Rannikmäe

How Geography and Natural Science Subjects Come Into Contact 62 - 69
Laima Railienë  
Information for Contributors 70 - 71


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