Journal of Baltic Science Education

/ISSN 1648-3898/

2002, No. 2 (2)

Title and author (s)



Dear Readers and Writers!


Understanding Global and Personal Use of Energy

4 - 18

Björn Andersson, Frank Bach, Ann Zetterqvist


The Influence of Experimental Teaching on 5-and 7 – Year Old Children`s Concepts of the Earth and Gravity

19 - 30

Eve Kikas, Triin Hannust, Hele Kanter


The Science Teacher in the Situation of Changing Educational Paradigm

31 - 39

Dace Namsone


Some Aspects of Motivation of Interaction With Nature

40 - 49

Vincentas Lamanauskas


Aspects of Constructivism

50 - 58

Nicos Valanides


Evaluation of Latvia`s Science Education in the IEA TIMSS and OECD PISA Framework

59 - 66

Andrejs Geske, Andris Kangro


Questions of Chemical Content in the Integrated Courses of Natural Sciences

67 - 74


Alexandra Bratennikova, Elena Vasilevskaya


Science Teachers Change Towards STL Teaching

75 - 81

Miia Rannikmae


Information for Contributors

82 - 83




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