Journal of Baltic Science Education

 /ISSN 1648-3898/

2002, No. 1 (1)

Title and author (s)


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A conceptual matrix for science education   7 - 15

Aadu Ott

Development of postindustrial scientific and technical education (what education for what life) 16 - 24

Andris Broks

Natural science education at basic school: some didactic aspects 25 - 35

Vincentas Lamanauskas

Development of teaching methodologies in the field of biology 36 - 43

Leonids Keirans

Scientific-theoretical bases of selection of the contents of training to naturalscientific disciplines in conditions of a computerization 44 - 54

Elena Popkova

The estimate of learning of participants of chemistry olympiads 55 - 65

Almeda Kuriene

Information for contributors 66 - 67




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